The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is a UK based independent funding organisation which provides funds for NGOs in UK & India.  India happens to be the only country in which Paul Hamlyn Foundation provides funds for NGOs. Every year the organisation sanctions up to almost INR 40 million (40 crores) worth of funds to NGOs across the country. It selects projects from the applications it receives round the year from organisations all over the country. It supports about 20 NGOs across the country.
The foundation aims to increase the access of disadvantaged communities, especially youth, to health, education, aid with disability, shelter and other social development activities.The organisation funds NGOs which tackle a specific problem within a specific time frame or the gaps existing in the larger initiatives. The ideas that are innovative, challenging and interesting, cuts across sectors and addresses larger issues and can be replicated elsewhere and at the same time could be scaled up.
Who can apply:
Organisations supported within the India programme have to be local Indian NGOs with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration.
Non-Indian organisations or locally registered branches of non-Indian organisations or organisations without FCRA registration are not supported. Organisations with Prior Permissions are also not eligible. Political and religious organisations are also not supported.
Majority of the geographical area covered by the Paul Hamlyn Foundations are:
The states covered will be Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam. In addition to these states certain culturally identifiable regions such as Vidharbha, (Maharashtra), Dangs (Gujarat), Telangana (Andhra Pradesh), Bundelkhand (Uttar Pradesh), and Mewar and Hadoti (Rajasthan), which are worse off than other parts in those states, will be given priority.
There is no specific limit to the amount granted, but the organisation does not provide 100% grant for projects, also the projects are accepted round the year, with a maximum project duration being 6 years.