For Grant Seekers
Ford Foundation grant funds are given to organizations such as universities, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. Grants to individuals are rarely made. In those unique instances, support to individuals is limited to activities related to the foundation's program interests and cannot be funded by a grant to an organization.
Regional Support
The foundation's New Delhi office provides support solely for educational, scientific, literary and charitable activities. Grants can be made for specific projects or for general support of an organization whose work closely parallels the foundation's program interests. All grants are made on the basis of the merit of the proposals and their potential contribution to the advancement of our regional program objectives.
We no longer fund projects in higher education, microfinance, the arts, HIV/AIDS and international cooperation and security. In addition, our office, in keeping with the foundation wide policy, does not award undergraduate or graduate scholarships; make grants for purely personal needs; and, in general, does not fund requests related to medicines or medical service delivery, or emergency relief.
Who May Apply
Any legally constituted organization or individual is eligible to receive a foundation grant. Indian organizations that do not have a Foreign Currency Regulation Act number will need to receive prior permission from the government of India before a grant agreement can be signed.