Deadline: 31 December 2013
The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) 2013 Call for Project Proposals is now open for NGOs to apply. The Fund provides financial support to projects around the world for strengthening the voice of civil society, promoting human rights and encouraging the participation of all groups in the democratic processes. The main areas of funding are Community Development, Media, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Tools for Democratization, Women and Youth.
For NGOs to win funding, it is very important to submit a strong application especially because there is huge competition for seeking grants from UNDEF. As a worldwide opportunity, NGOs need to consider some important elements that matter in the application form. Keeping in view of the challenges faced by organizations in developing countries, we have developed a guide that can assist them in writing an effective proposal.
Disclaimer: This guide is intended to help NGOs apply to the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) grant program. This is an unofficial guide that does not guarantee funding or support to applicants. The guide is intended to provide NGOs with suggestions. Readers are advised to use the guide at their own discretion.
The following information is included in this guide:
*** Before You Apply: Learning About the United Nations Democracy Fund:  About the Fund, Purpose of the Fund, Types of Projects Fundable, Funding Available, Where Does Funding Come From? Length of Projects, Application Dates, How to Apply, Where to Apply, Who Can Apply
* Steps to Completing the 2013 UNDEF Application Form: Applicant Information, Project Information, Project Description, Partners and Sponsors, Budget, Commitments,
* Submitting Your Application On-line.
* Best Practices for Creating a Successful Application
What is the UNDEF?
Started by the United Nations Secretary-General in 2005, the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDF) supports projects around the world that focus on the following:
   * Strengthening the voice of civil society
   * Promoting human rights
   * Encouraging the participation of all group in democratic processes
The purpose of the United Nations Democracy Fund is to financially support projects that support and advance democracy. Projects must come under one or more of the following six main areas:
   * Community development
   * Media
   * Rule of law and human rights
   * Tools for democratization
   * Women
   * Youth
What Types of Projects Are Fundable?
The UNDF funds projects related to democracy and civil society empowerment, such as: the empowerment of women, citizen’s access to information, voter registration, civic education, and much more.
Funding Available:  Projects range from $50,000 to $400,000. The average project is $200,000.
Where does the funding come from?  All funding for UNDEF projects is from voluntary contributions.
Length of Projects:  Projects are for two years or less.
Application Dates:  Proposals can be submitted between 15 November 2013 through 31 December 2013.
How to Apply:  Proposals are only accepted on-line during the application date period. Proposals can be submitted in either English or French.
Who Can Apply?
 The following types of organizations are eligible to apply for funding:
* Civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that promote democracy. This category traditionally receives most of the funding.
* Independent and constitutional bodies such as election commissions, ombudsman institutions, national human rights institutions, and other independent governance bodies.
* Global and regional inter-government bodies, associations, and organizations other than the United Nations.
* If you are not sure if your organization is eligible to apply for UNDEF funding, go to the website at this link to find additional information.