Deadline: 27.10.2014
The Rufford Foundation is a UK based charity. Our main remit is to offer Rufford Small Grants for nature conservation projects in the developing world. There are five stages of fundingavailable.
> Rufford Small Grant For Nature Conservation
What is it?                                      
  • A grant of up to £5,000 available for nature conservation projects
Who/what is eligible?
  • Individuals or small groups
  • Projects outside the first world
Critical components of the application
  • Impact must be pragmatic, measurable and long lasting
  • The grant must make up the majority of the total budget
  • Funds must be used predominantly in the field
  • Applications must be submitted through the online applications section of this website.
  • The project should generally be approx. 12-18 months duration
Who/what is generally not eligible?
  • Projects in first world countries
  • Pure research
  • Expeditions
  • A conference or seminar