GK Dutta is the pioneer of organized consultancy services in India. Over the past five decades, we have acted as the preferred talent consulting service provider in the areas of Law, Non-Profit, Projects, Finance, and Documentations to emerge as the leading talent solutions provider in India. This is combined with our role as trusted consultants for Legal Services Consultancy, technical, and fund-raising aspects for Non-Profit Organizations, project proposal and framework services, financial management services, and document management services.



We are a consultancy service provider offering a variety of innovative & creative services to improve and strengthen the social sector of our country. We work to ensure the long-term viability of civil service organizations by improving their access to funding information, NGO resources, and management skills. We believe that social changes are crucial to the development of our country. We will help you turn your idea into action, something that both you and your vision will look forward to as a success.

ü   Legal Aid Consultancy.

ü  NGO Consultancy.

ü  Project Consultancy.

ü  Financial Consultancy.

ü  Documentation Consultancy.



GK Dutta helps organizations define their organizational culture and use it to drive change. Our expertise is in defining organizational culture, managing organizational change, and improving organizational work methods. We conduct culture initiatives and strategic planning with a variety of civil service organizations. We design and deliver innovative training programs to build high performance work teams for organizations. In the area of strategic business communications, we teach proposal writing, documentation process, and presentation skills in the various programs, works with organizations to align their internal communications strategy with their organizational culture, and conduct internal communications.




GK Dutta is a Professional Service provider that offers you a one-stop solution for your Website Design & Development. Have earned an unparalleled reputation for providing world-class and client-centric solutions. We take a partner approach when working with clients, allowing us to enhance our clients’ innovative ideas to their maximum potential and execute every project from conceptualization to launch. Our technical competency and proven experience enable us to offer cutting edge, reliable solutions that maximize the returns on investment of our clients. Quality work at a cost-effective price is the hallmark of this organization. We design, develop, integrate, and maintain customized websites for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established enterprises.




We are a dedicated ORM Team; passionate about the people and causes our clients represents. Our services are Public Relations & Social Media (Online Reputation Management ORM), Our primary objective is to provide strong brand visibility and garner positive recall across various parameters of media; this includes print media, magazines, wire media, online channels including social media platforms, micro-blogging sites etc and corporate responsibility.


With a highly experienced team of the best industry minds, our ORM team boasts an impressive core team that is well connected and networked to deliver the best strategy, execution, and monitoring. We believe in setting appropriate expectations in order to help respective spheres grow.