Countries/Regions: Worldwide

Topics/Subjects: economic empowerment for women, community development, health and nutritional support, literacy and leadership training, educational seminars and workshops, promoting education in the sciences for girls, women’s human rights, women organizations.

Description: VGIF provides small grants up to $7,500 USD to grassroots projects that are led by women and that help empower women and girls in developing countries around the world. Funding for our project grants come from our members’ donations and bequests and from our investment income. Over the years, VGIF has set up several board-designated funds to address specific challenges faced by women and girls. Empowering women to make a difference in their lives and communities is helping to change the world. To this end, VGIF has funded over 475 projects in 89 countries since 1969.

VGIF does not provide funding for individual scholarships and tuitions, political organizations, or religious groups (unless the proposed project contributes to the general good of the community), the construction of permanent buildings or the purchase of land, or salaries for board members and permanent staff, although stipends/honoraria for external resource people/trainers may be considered.

Type of grant: Project

Grant range: up to $7,500

Average grant duration: One-year or Multi-year

Deadline(s): changes with each cycle, check website for most updated proposal deadline:

How to apply: Complete the Letter of Intent process online by the proper deadline. For more information, go here: . Requirements include that the project:

Is governed and directed by women;

> Address empowerment of women and girls, especially their social and economic empowerment;
> Is clearly planned, reflecting community/target group participation in the development and design of the project, and is ready for implementation; and
> Project proposal contains a realistic timeline of activities