The scheme aims to bridge the gap in literacy levels between the general female population and tribal women, through facilitating 100% enrolment of tribal girls in the identified Districts or Blocks, more particularly in naxal affected areas and in areas inhabited by Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs), and reducing drop-outs at the elementary level by creating the required ambience for education. Improvement of the literacy rate of tribal girls is essential to enable them to participate effectively in and benefit from, socio-economic development.

  • The scheme will be implemented in 54 identified Districts (Appendix-I) where the ST population is 25% or more, and ST female literacy rate below 35%, or its fractions, as per 2001census.
  • Any other tribal block in a district, other than aforesaid 54 identified districts, which has scheduled tribe population 25% or above, and tribal female literacy rate below 35% or its fractions, as per 2001 census, shall also be covered (Appendix-II, Blocks intimated by West Bengal and Karnataka so far. Such Blocks fulfilling the criteria in other States may also be considered as and when reported).
  • In addition, the scheme will also cover areas below a Block level (e.g. Gram Panchayats) inhabited by the notified Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) (Appendix-III).
  • Out of all the aforesaid areas, the naxal affected areas shall be given priority
The scheme will be implemented through Voluntary Organizations (VOs)/Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and autonomous society/institutions of State Government/Union Territory Administration.
The existing multidisciplinary “State Committee for Supporting Voluntary Efforts” (SCSVE) constituted by various States/Union Territories will be responsible for identification and scrutiny of the projects of Non-Governmental Organizations under this scheme also. No.22040/10/2006/NGO/Education Government of India Ministry of Tribal Affairs

  • Organizations including autonomous society/institutions of State Government/UnionTerritory Administration shall maintain women project staff for the projects run under this scheme.
  • Voluntary Organization (VO)/Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have to fulfill the following requirements (through certificates from the District or Panchayati Raj administration):
  • Registered for at least three years for the conduct and promotion of social welfare of scheduled tribes.
  • Experience of at least three years in successfully running and maintaining hostels and/or educational complexes.
  • Financial viability to continue the work for limited periods in the case of delay or absence of assistance from the Ministry.
  • Good reputation and credentials, especially for guaranteeing the security and safety of the hostellers.
  • Networking with other institutions including Panchayati Raj for optimum utilization of resources allocated and assets created.