Selection Criteria for Partnership
FVTRS applies a set of time-tested selection criteria while short-listing project proposals. Regular update is done based on emerging experiences and trends in vocational training. The information gives a general overview about these criteria that are applied.
Society or Trust: FVTRS looks for partnership preferably with a registered 'Society' where democracy norms are practised.
Composition of the bye-laws and Board members: Studies in detail the bye-laws and who constitute the Board.
Past Funding History: Sources from where the organisation has received funding support during the last three years and for which interventions.
Bye-Laws and Bank Signatories: FVTRS partners with organisations where finance/bank transactions are effected jointly.
Legal requirement
Registered under Societies Act or Trust Act
Registered under FCR Act 1976
Registered under 12 A income tax
PAN Card
Geographical focus
All Indian states and union territories
Preference more to north Indian states
Vulnerable pockets in south Indian states
Specific criteria
Feasibility survey reports
Geographic compatibility
Focus on vulnerable sections
Location specification
Placements potential-employment/self employment
Applicant's experience in VT/ME