Deadline: 14.01.2015

The Environmental Restoration and Conservation agency invites non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations (NPOs) aiming at environmental conservation to apply for The Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE). The application forms must be written in Japanese language.
Non-Japanese organizations must ensure their eligibility through Eligibility-Quiz before beginning with application. They must have a contract with an agent (individual or organization) to apply for JFGE Grants. The Agent can be a person who has Japanese citizenship or foreigner who has permanent residence permit of Japan, possessing a bank account available for JPY (he/she does not necessarily live in Japan, but he/she must participate into the meeting with JFGE at the headquarter of ERCA); or an organization with a main office in Japan. The agent must have the participative experience to the conservation activities implemented by the applicant overseas organizations; and must be able to communicate with the applicant overseas organization by English/local language.
1. Nature protection, conservation and restoration
2. Forest conservation and tree/grass planting
3. Anti-desertification
Agriculture of environmental conservation type
5. Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
6. Building of a recycle-oriented society
7. Air,
water and soil conservation
8. Comprehensive environmental
9. Comprehensive environmental conservation activities
10. Other environmental conservation activities

Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicant organization must
  • Be a non-governmental organization (NGO) and non-profit organization (NPO).
  • Possess an Articles of Incorporation or its equivalent bylaws.
  • Possess a well-established board of directors and work forces that make decisions for the organization and implement the activities of the proposed project.
  • Possess an accounting structure capable of book-keeping and self-auditing.
  • Prove that they have enough capacity to execute the proposed project by presenting the firm evidence, such as activity report of previous activities and achievements.
  • Proposed project must be implemented in developing countries and areas.
  • Applications must be made for conservation activities under the categories mentioned above.
  • Applicants must assure the participation of local communities for practical activities such as a forestation, wildlife conservation, prevention of pollution, etc.
 Complete application materials include – completed grant request form; organization’s articles of Incorporation or equivalent bylaws; a register of members who constitute the board of directors or equivalent decision-making body of the organization; organization’s statement of accounts for the past three years; reports, photographs and other materials showing the outline of similar activities in the past three years; other background materials that provide details of the project, blank official postcard, ‘Power of Attorney’ and documents explain a relationship between a Non-Japanese organization (applicant) and agent in Japan.