Deadline: RTY
Arghyam accepts concept proposals from organizations aimed to implement and manage groundwater and sanitation projects in India. Organizations with small, medium and large projects in India that meet its vision of safe, sustainable, water and sanitation for all can apply for the grants.
The Foundation supports sustainable water management towards meeting the basic water needs of all citizens, especially those from vulnerable communities. Yet the focus is basically laid on domestic water, it also takes into consideration agricultural, industrial and environmental aspects. Arghyam also occasionally funds part of expenses for workshops or conferences, training programs, awareness creation campaigns etc. relevant to water and sanitation.
The Foundation has made grants to recipients in 22 states of India since 2005, the year of it’s founding.
Focus Areas
1.     Water Security
2.     Water Quality
3.     Participatory Groundwater Management (PGWM)
4.     Sanitation
5.     Urban Initiatives
Arghyam considers support for activities and interventions in the following areas:
1.     Groundwater and sanitation focus projects that are aligned with Arghyam’s programmatic approach.
2.     Projects that work with marginalized communities in rural and urban areas.
3.     Capacity building of communities to understand and respond to their local water and sanitation needs.
4.     Innovative projects that have potential for scale and knowledge improvement.
5.     Projects that demonstrate efficiency in cost per beneficiary, last mile reach, sustainability of outcome over time, institutionalization of successful efforts, etc.
Eligibility Criteria
Charitable organization registered under Trusts Act, Society’s Act or as a section 25 Company is eligible to apply.
The participating organization must possess:
  • Certificate of registration
  • 12 A certificate and 80 G certificate from the Income Tax Department
  • Individuals or for-profit companies are ineligible to apply.
  • Organizations with innovative project proposals are encouraged to apply.
  • Participating organization’s project must ensure principles of equal access, inclusivity and display gender sensitivity.
Organizations ensuring social, institutional, environmental, technological and financial sustainability in their work and to the communities they work with are also eligible to apply.