Deadline: rty
Biocon Foundation is proactively seeking partnerships with organizations with a similar vision to deliver sustainable and impactful programs on the field. We plan to reach out to wider geographies in the domain of Healthcare, Education and Rural Development and issues pertaining to Water & Sanitation, Safety and Women Empowerment, Art & Culture.

We are looking forward for this meaningful engagement that will take us to greater heights and co create a meaningful partnership.
Criteria for Selection
  • Biocon Foundation seeks applications from organizations which support our strategic priorities. The focus areas are: Health, Water & Sanitation, Education, Rural Development, Safety & Empowerment of Women, Art & Culture.
  • Type of organization should be: Society or Trust/ Section 25 Company/ University/ Others
  • Organizations who have designed programs creating high impact on the society.

Expected Outcomes
The organizations partnering with Biocon Foundation should be able to deliver best results envisioned. We require the Application Form dully filled and the following documents:
  • Registration Certificate of the Organization
  • PAN
  • Audited Financial Statement for the last 3 years
  • Annual Report for last 3 years
  • Certificate for any tax exemptions enjoyed by the organization
  • Timeline with key milestones and activities indicated
  • Detailed budget sheet
  • Quarterly update of the program