The aim is to fund, through an initial call for expressions of interest, five to ten projects with a grant of a maximum of €500,000 per project. The amount of funding awarded by the facility covers part of a project’s investment costs, and is not intended to be used solely to fund feasibility or resource studies.

► Adaptation to climate change
    Water management in industry
    Optimising waste water treatment and water distribution networks
    Pumping water from renewable resources
    Establishment of observation tools and indicators (MRV)
    Risk prevention

► Mitigation of climate change
    Generation of electricity, heat and cold from renewable resources
    Biofuel production
    Energy efficiency in industry
    Energy efficiency in construction
    Waste management and energy recovery
    Projects promoting a circular economy
    Smart grids
    Urban mobility.
    Emergence of new transport solutions.

Cross-sectoral approaches on various topics are also eligible.