Deadline: 31 MAY 2016
Mama Cash is helping to build a strong global architecture of women's funds so that local and regional women's movements can grow in scale, influence, and collective power. The women's funds we support:
    build the emerging movements of the most invisible and marginalised women and girls
    develop local leadership, activist networks, and donor communities
    bring international attention to local and regional issues
    respond quickly to urgent local needs
    build the infrastructure of the international women's movement
Mama Cash provides step-up support to a select number of women's funds. Step-up support includes:
Financial support to help women's funds progress to a new stage of development
Partnering to develop policies, procedures, best practices, and to build local donor communities
Collaborating to share learnings and fundraising strategies
• Using Mama Cash funding to leverage new income from non-women's fund donor.