Projects for non government organization in india

name of scheme: Building Grants Including Studio Theater.
name of funding agency: Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
objective: The objective of the Scheme is to support voluntary cultural organizations and government-aided cultural organizations in their efforts to create appropriately equipped training, rehearsal and performance spaces for artistes.
TYPES OF GRANT: Funding for Indian Non-government organizations.

The objective of the Scheme is to support voluntary cultural organizations and government-aided cultural organizations in their efforts to create appropriately equipped training, rehearsal and performance spaces for artistes.

Eligible Projects
Grants will be given to projects for creating cultural spaces, which will include:
• Conventional Cultural Spaces for Performing Arts: 
a) Performance venues, like Auditoria, Open-air Theatres, Concert Halls.
b) Rehearsal halls for Theatre/ Music/ Dance.
c) Training Centres/ Schools for Theatre/ Music/ Dance.

• Flexible Spaces, i.e., Studio Theatres, etc: Non-proscenium rehearsal-cum-performance spaces, referred to as Studio Theatre or Experimental Theatre that are characterized by the following special features:
a) A small theatre, with all the essential equipment for the performance of live music, dance or theatre or combination of these arts;
b) An unconventional space that cannot qualify as an auditorium in the traditional sense; therefore, the stage or performance area is not normally placed within a proscenium arch nor raised too high or separated from the audience by a clearly demarcated division.
c) A seating arrangement for spectators that is totally flexible and can be moved fluidly from one part of the space to another depending on the artistic aim of a particular performance; therefore, the seats/chairs must not be fixed in position.
d) A capacity that usually does not go over 100 to 200; therefore, such a space is often called a “little theatre” or “intimate theatre”, because it allows for close-up and intimate viewing by spectators.
e) One or two adjoining greenroom(s) / dressing room(s) /makeup room(s) with toilet(s) for the performers, and a storage area; therefore, the entire unit, though minimal, functions as a theatre in every sense.

• A project proposal to create an auditorium, a studio theatre or other cultural space(s) may include an appropriate combination of any of the following components:

a) New construction or purchase of a built-up space.
b) Renovation/ up gradation/ modernization/ extension/ alteration of an existing building/ space/ facility.
c) Remodeling of the interiors of an existing built-up space/cultural centre.
d) Provision of facilities like electrical, air conditioning, acoustics, light and sound systems and other items of equipment, such as musical instruments, costumes, audio/ video equipment, furniture and stage material that may be required for a studio theatre, auditorium, rehearsal hall, classroom etc.

Eligible Organizations
• All not-for-profit organizations that fulfill the following criteria:- 
a) The organization has a predominantly cultural profile, working primarily for the promotion of arts and culture in fields such as dance, drama, theatre, music, fine arts, ideology and literature at least for a period of three years.
b) The organization is registered as a society under the Registration of Societies Act (XXI of 1860) or similar Acts, or as a Trust or as a Not-for-Profit Company, at least for a period of three years.
c) The organization is well established and known to be doing meaningful work in the field of its activity and has gained a local, regional or national identity. 
d) Its charter is devoted to the preservation, propagation and promotion of Indian arts and culture. 
• Government-sponsored bodies for promoting the performing arts. 
• University Departments or Centers dedicated to the performing arts. 
• Colleges set up to promote the performing arts. 
• An organization that has been receiving salary grant for the last 3 years under the Ministry’s Scheme of “Financial Assistance to Professional Groups and Individuals Engaged for Specified Performing Arts Projects” will be deemed to have fulfilled all the above conditions. 
• A Government-sponsored body, University Department/Centre or College dedicated to the performing arts may also be automatically eligible, provided its record over the preceding three years is satisfactory. 
• Religious institutions, public libraries, museums, schools, colleges or University Departments/Centres that are not specifically dedicated for the performing arts and allied cultural activities, departments or offices of the Central Government/ State Governments/ U.T. Administrations/ Local Bodies will not be eligible. 
• An organization that has availed of a grant for its building project grant under the erstwhile Scheme of Building Grants to Cultural Organizations or under this scheme will not be eligible for a second grant under the Scheme before the completion of the project sanctioned earlier, except where such second grant is sought for a Studio Theatre (or Experimental Theatre) and the applicant organization has not defaulted on the ongoing sanctioned project.

Nature and Extent of Assistance
All grants under the Scheme will be of a non-recurring nature. Recurring expenditure, if any, will be the responsibility of the grantee organization. 

Assistance under the scheme to an organization will be restricted to a maximum of 60% of the approved estimated project cost, subject to the ceilings given below. The balance of the approved estimated project cost is to be incurred by the organization as its ‘matching share’.
Maximum assistance under the scheme will be as under:
• Bangalore / Chennai / Delhi / Hyderabad / Kolkata / Mumbai - Projects involving new construction or purchase of built up space - Rs. 50 lakhs
• Bangalore / Chennai / Delhi / Hyderabad / Kolkata / Mumbai - All other projects - Rs. 25 lakhs
• All non-Metro cities, towns or places - All projects - Rs. 25 lakhs.