The Scheme will primarily be restricted to non-forest wastelands owned by Central and State Governments, Central/State Government Undertakings, Panchayats and Farmers. Government/ Community lands given on long term lease (more than 25 years) and Private land holdings leased to user industries/ Corporate bodies on the basis of mutual understanding / MOU are also eligible. Promoters of projects under the Scheme will satisfy the financial institutions/banks/other authorities concerned, about the availability of non-forest wastelands, subject to the relevant provisions of the land legislation applicable in the State/Union Territories concerned.
The principal objectives of the scheme are:
• To facilitate/attract/channelise/mobilise resources form financial institutions, banks corporate bodies including user industries and other entrepreneurs for development of wastelands in non-forest areas belonging to Central and State Governments, panchayats, village communities, private farmers etc.
• To promote group of farmers belonging to different categories, namely, large, small, marginal and SCs/STs for bringing wastelands under productive use.
• To facilitate production and flow of additional biomass including farm-forestry products used as raw material inputs for different types of industries and horticulture/commercial plantations.
• To facilitate employment generation through land development and other allied land based and related activities including plantations.