Deadline: 30.04.2015

The Fund for Gender Equality is a UN Women grant-making mechanism dedicated exclusively to the economic and political empowerment of women worldwide.
Since its launch in 2009, the Fund has delivered grants of USD 56.5 million to 96 grantee programmes in 72 countries. Each programme supports women, especially those who are marginalized, with what they need and require to regain control over their lives, whether they are trying to start a business or initiate a grassroots movement.
Guided by UN Women’s mandate, the Fund supports women-led civil society organizations’ and governments’ proposals based on strategic priorities to advance women’s rights in their countries.

The Fund provides grants on a competitive basis within the following thematic areas:

* Women’s economic empowerment – to increase women’s access to and control over decision-making, land, technology, credit, livelihoods and other means of production and social protection.

* Women’s political empowerment – to support  women in taking on leadership roles and participating more fully in political processes and in all spheres of public life. Young women leaders are also a particular focus.

In just four years of grant-making, the Fund is already demonstrating strong impact and has proven itself to be an efficient and effective mechanism to align global and regional commitments to gender equality with tangible real-world results.